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John Baer -Mechanical Engineer/Watchmaker

John Baer -Mechanical Engineer/Watchmaker

A graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, John has worked in the heavy equipment, bearing and hand tool industries. In addition to mechanical design, he works in PCB and electronic design, and even been known to build a house every once in a while. Additionally he has been trained at the NAWCC School of Horology as a traditional watch and clockmaker. John founded and managed the Lititz Watch Company for its first 10 years where the need for innovative and cost effective tools and machinery became evident. Lititz Precision Products was split off from the Lititz Watch Company in 2012 to concentrate on satisfying these needs. We thank you for your patronage and appreciate you help in our quest. -John Baer


What They're Saying

View the Instagram video of the Freedom Ultrasonic Small Parts Cleaner by @clocksavant

“You will recall that I purchased a Freedom automatic watch cleaning machine. I just want to let you know that having used it on a daily basis since then, I could not be happier with it! For years I used an old L&R automatic machine and it did OK. But now that I have the Lititz Freedom, I can't get over he difference in performance! The parts come out spotless and DRY! I would highly recommend this machine for anyone who repairs watches. It is well worth the money. Thank you again!
I am very happy with your products. I also have the Diablo vacuum tester and it, too, is a great addition to my shop!“ George Morrison, Chester County Watch Repair

Article: Why The Excitement? By Jack Freedman

“We used the Matador at school and it was fantastic.”Jay Hobbs

See what Aaron Recksiek - CW21 says about John in the August issue of Horological Times.

“Is it possible, my parts came out cleaner?
The baskets are a perfect fit onto each other. I noticed that with the original ones, there was playwhen you put them on top of each other. With yours, there's a recess so the one on top falls perfectly flat on the one below. Very nice, I like that.
I also really like the size of the compartments. Now, I can put small screws into the basket and not worry about losing them due to jumping around inside and moving to other compartments. And, for some really odd reason, my parts came out cleaner. Not sure how that is possible.Very impressed so far!“Chris - Montreal, Canada

JCK SUPPLY IN DEMAND Lititz Matador 4000
Make sure every piece of jewelry leaving your store is shinier than a patent leather purse with the Lititz Matador 4000, a new ultrasonic parts-cleaning machine. The 14-pound candy red super-scrubber features four containers for washing and rinsing solutions, a ­movable ultrasonic head, and a centrifugal spinning heated dryer. Cleaning times range up to nine minutes, and drying times can be programmed for up to 20 minutes—just enough time to show off that new collection while she’s waiting. ($3,795; lititzpp.com)

“John, The baskets arrived and they fit great! They're way better than the originals. Thanks again!”George - Coatesville PA

“I have tested and reviewed machinery and products produced by Lititz Precision Products and have found that that they are well designed, reliable, have good fit and finish, and most of all, do the job required. I use a Matador 4000 Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine in my school. It is made in the USA, and it offers additional features and performance that the foreign competition doesn’t offer, and is more cost effective to boot.”Dan Nied - York Time Institute, (Watch and clock school), York PA USA

“Great job on the baskets. Excellent fit and finish. Fits my factory frames perfectly, great job!”Jeff, CW21 watchmaker - Pewaukee,WI

“The Diablo produced by the Lititz Watch Company is a watchmakers dream when it comes to functionality and simplicity. The Diablo's lightweight design has the unique capabilities of being transported anywhere to perform the test, no need for electrical cables or air line hoses. The machine can easily be taken out to the showcases to physically show the customer where the leak is, making selling a repair much easier and your time more profitable.”Jim, York PA USA

“Hi John, We received the items earlier today, I think they are great”Andrew, Kent, UK

“The new watch cleaning baskets produced by the Lititz Watch Company just make sense. These were developed by a watchmaker for a watchmaker. They can accommodate a wide variety of different watch sizes and thimble baskets. The unique design of the dividers provide the most efficient way to neatly and safely separate uncleaned components. The larger holes on the outside circumference allow more ultrasonic waves to reach the movement providing a cleaner product in the end.”Jim, York PA USA

“We have received the Preciso on Monday 29th. As well as the Diver we want to confirm that these machine made with a good manufactory and we want to give you our compliments for your competence and professionalism. Thank you for all, for your patience with our English and we hope that we can see them one day in Italy or in USA. Good luck Mr. John.”Best Regards, Benettelli - Mestre

“Dear John,
I’ve been meaning to write you for a while about the “Diablo” water resistance tester I purchased about 8 months ago.
It has transformed itself into an indispensable tool that is used almost daily. It’s been performing flawlessly, finding not just catastrophic but also extremely small leaks, and it has been working on the same 9V battery since new. I believe there is no need whatsoever for the electrical connection supplied. I’ve used it on more than 200 watches and the battery still has plenty of power.
Now, the thing that I now know could not do without, is that the “Diablo” will show me if a watch is (or isn’t) water resistant in 8 seconds flat (most of the times in 5 seconds). This tester is simply fantastic.
It weights nothing, it has a powerful motor, it can be moved anywhere you want with ease, bring it to the counter to test a watch in front of its owner, and absolutely no need to carry electrical wire. This is one of the best investments I’ve made on tools and it has been making my life much easier. Thank you thank you thank you! ”(California USA)